Children Literature


Learn as a child read as an adult with Italy's best author for children literature illustrated by Altan. Expand your vocabulary, review grammar and learn new narrative tenses and colloquial expressions while reading selected stories from Gianni Rodari’s bibliography.

Who is Gianni Rodari?

A hundred years have passed since the birth of Gianni Rodari (1920-1980), and ScuolaScuola is honored to join in the celebrations that are taking place all around the world to spread his revolutionary poetics. Like many Italians who grew up reading his books, we love how his stories are often comic, with elements of fantasy and absurdity yet still retain a link to the real world. It’s unclear whether they’re intended for adults, teenagers or precocious children, an ambiguity that attests to the universality of his work. He is revered in Italy the way English-speakers cherish Roald Dahl, Maurice Sendak and William Steig.

An Interactive Group Experience

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