Private Lessons

Package of 5 60-minute sessions ONLINE

*Prices are per person: Bring a friend and save!
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Private and Semiprivate Lessons ONLINE

What do we mean for Private lessons?
Work one-2-one, alongside one of our excellent instructors with a perfectly tailored personalized lesson plan that fits your level and schedule. Progress at your own pace and develop your study plan according to your learning style. Whatever your goals are, our mission is to help you achieve them. We recommend meeting once a week for an hour. But based on your availability and personal preference, you can decide to meet more often. 
What do we mean for Semiprivate lessons?
Bring your friends with you up to a maximum of 3 participants and learn with your favourite people in a fun and relaxed environment. Please note that you get 10% OFF if you are more than one participant and 20% OFF if you are form the same household. For semiprivate lessons 60 minutes might be enough, but if you would like to extend your class to a 90 minute session to give you and your friends more time to practice your Italian talking to each other click here.
Select a preferred time and day of the week and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule.