Want to learn Italian? ScuolaScuola offers you group and private classes in Toronto. Take Italian language and culture classes both online and face-to-face.

At ScuolaScuola, we teach you how to speak Italian, whether it is to prepare you for your next trip to Italy, have conversations with your family, or delve into the culture and charm of the Bel Paese. We provide Italian Language & culture classes, Refresher courses, Thematic courses and Grammar workshops for all proficiency levels.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein
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Back 2 School Refresher Course

Brush up on what you might have forgotten, or just shake out the cob webs!

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We Go Beyond Standard Levels

We go beyond the standard levels to create environments tailored to your level.

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Integrated Group and Private Classes

Create your own perfect blend of social interaction and individual attention!

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Drop-in Workshops (Single focus)

These are mini-courses micro-focused on common trouble areas, open to all!

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Here's what our students have to say

SL, journalist

Valentina has created wonderful course materials that have helped me a great deal.

JC, ret'd professor

As a lifetime educator, I know how hard it is to keep a disparate group of learners all feeling engaged. ScuolaScuola does it in spades!

MS, ad executive

I really appreciated the lively conversations they inspired. IT prepared me for the reality of talking "alla Italiana."

BB, tv producer

Eleonora has a really easy-going style that encourages people to speak ahead of the level they think they're at.

TP, entrepreneur

This is a learning model that really works. I really like that there are lots of ways to get into the language, instead of just one track.

SK, salesperson

ScuolaScuola appeals to my goal-oriented focus on learning, I set a goal, and they tailor a program to help me achieve it.

Take ScuolaScuola with you - wherever you go - on all of your devices

ScuolaScuola is a 'blended learning school', mixing the best of online and bricks-and-mortar instruction. The mobile aspect gives you the flexibility to learn-on-the-go, but also to interact, exchange ideas and collaborate with your fellow students, extending conversations beyond the classroom to wherever you are, and opening the door to a richer social learning experience.

See what it's like to learn with ScuolaScuola!

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