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The use of 'those-few-letters-words' from language to language is often different from what you would expect, and we all suffer from the belief that our own language does things “the right way” and other languages do things in a way that doesn’t make sense. Our tip? STOP fighting it! By constantly comparing the grammar rules in other languages as they relate to your native language, you are causing your brain to believe that no other option is possible. To really understand pronouns, you should start to notice whether you can hear them when an Italian person speaks. If you investigate and notice you cannot say which pronouns are being used, you might not be noticing them altogether!

What you should notice

Why is being used
‘Secondo me, il film La grande bellezza è molto bello.’      To express your opinion
'Dove posso trovarlo? Dove lo hai trovato?’ When the pronoun replaces the object
‘Sai dov'è la stazione?' 'No, non lo so.’ When the pronoun replaces the sentence
‘Anche a me/Neanche a me VS Anche io/Neanche io Verb with indirect object VS Verb with subject pronoun
Ce l’ho/non ce l’ho’ To express possession
Glielo dico io a tua madre’ When two pronouns combine

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