Private Italian Lessons

Looking for a more flexible language learning option? Do you find it difficult to learn in a group setting? We offer private and semi-private lessons to accomodate your needs and preferences. Let us know the most convenient days and times for you using the form below, and we’ll do our best to coordinate your preferences with the availability of our instructors. See below to learn more about our offerings.


Our private and semi-private lessons can be customized to meet your individual learning objectives, to fit with your schedule and to offer you all the attention you require.  Whether you live in downtown Toronto, the GTA or beyond Canadian borders – Whether you travel often and you are afraid that last-minute changes in your schedule would affect your learning experience – ScuolaScuola has the right solution for you! 


Although our preferred locations are in Leslieville and the Annex, we can accommodate your requests for on-site classes at your home, workplace or preferred hang-out spot in downtown Toronto. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and you hate commuting – If you travel often and your traveling schedule is holding you off from embarking on your learning experience – don’t sweat it! At ScuolaScuola we deliver lessons online, we use an advanced learning management system that allows you to learn-on-the-go, to interact, exchange ideas and collaborate from wherever you are. Please refer to our Course Policies and Fees for incentive packages and learning solutions. 

Relevant Content

Do you find it difficult to relate to characters and situations of language textbooks? At ScuolaScuola course content is co-created by instructors and learners based on students’ needs, interests, and abilities. Your courses will focus on vocabulary building, pronunciation practice and mastering grammar, while your listening and conversational skills will develop through interaction with your instructor and participation in the online discussion forums. You will share resources and learning experiences with a community of learners that, like you, loves all things Italian.

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