Marco Artini


Born and raised in the Tuscan countryside, Marco fell in love with cooking at an early age. Watching the techniques of his mamma and nonna in the kitchen, and taking part in traditional events – from harvesting the grapes to make wine, to butchering pork to make prosciutto and sausages, and making passata from tomatoes grown in the family garden – Marco gained an authentic, hands-on education in gastronomia alla italiana. After these casual experiences in Italy,  Marco arrived in Toronto where he decided to step full-time into the restaurant business. He spent his first three years here working in Italian restaurants, merging the experiences from his traditional background with new professional cooking methods. Handmade pasta and pizza are two of the fields in which Marco quickly became a master. After so many carbs, Marco decided to change his diet and step more into the world of proteins. He worked for a year at an Oliver & Bonaccini French bistro, where he learned many of the classic French techniques. Working at the fish station, he gained confidence with and passion for these new cooking methods. Ultimately, Marco has continued to deepen his knowledge of the seafood world at Hooked, a fish store renowned for being knowledgeable, sustainable and for being staffed by passionate ex-culinary professionals. He is in charge of all aspects of fish butchery, customer service, restaurant wholesale and commissary production, and can also be found regularly teaching cooking classes to enthusiastic clientele.

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