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Expand your vocabulary, review grammar and learn new narrative tenses and colloquial expressions while reading selected issues of Topolino comic books with one of our talented ScuolaScuola instructors! Our classes are delivered via Zoom using original materials for online reading.

Private 1:1 sessions

Day of the week number of sessions Time Location Price
Saturdays 5 sessions 11:00am to 12:00pm ET ONLINE CAD$255 + HST (USD$200)

Register during The Week of the Italian Language in the World (Oct 18-23) to get 15% off!

You might object that Topolino and Paperino are just the Italian names of the American Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but trust us if we tell you that their stories are absolutely Italian.

They are among the first things Italians read in their language and many never stop reading these comics. Since they are primarily addressed to children, dialogues are short and simple, the language is witty but within everyone’s reach, without complicated slang or puns, and also the grammar used is very accessible

ScuolaScuola recommends this program to teenagers and adult learners who have completed Corso Italia or equivalent level (A1-A2).


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