They are young and beautiful, and they are having fun!
So, yes, there may be some teen slang and some urban language, but what you might not know is that the Netflix show Summertime is inspired by the first book of a famous Italian trilogy with a legion of young adult fans: ‘Tre metri sopra al cielo’ by Federico Moccia. In Rome, there’s a ‘Moccia route’ where fans read lines from his books, painted on buildings. And do you remember when people began putting locks on bridges to signify their everlasting love? That trend began in response to the two main characters putting a padlock on Ponte Milvio. We loved the soundtrack and the great scenery of the sunny Adriatic coast of Italy. If you haven’t watch it yet, what are you waiting for? Join us for this Watch and Learn course and we’ll guide you through the experience of being young during an Italian Summer!

During this course we’ll ask you to watch an episode with English subtitles first, then to set subtitles to Italian to connect spoken and written form, and write down some interesting words and expressions you’d like to remember. When you find some words you don’t know, we’ll look them up in a dictionary after trying to guess their meaning from the context, and write them down adding a definition or translation, accompanied by the whole sentence to remember how they are actually used. After going through these two steps and as your Italian skills advance, we’ll try watching the show without subtitles and celebrate your progress!

Private 1:1 sessions: We recommend this program to students who have completed Corso Italia or equivalent level (A2). Take five sessions, 60-min each for CAD$255 + HST (USD$200) 


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