Coming from a lovely medieval town in the countryside of the beautiful Marche region of central Italy, Daniele is an Italian language, culture, and food enthusiast. He is currently pursuing his doctorate in the Department of Italian Studies in the University of Toronto, where he is researching how the representation of food in Italian postcolonial literature helps redefine what being Italian means. Daniele is also a course instructor at UofT, where he has taught Beginner and Intermediate Italian, and History of Italian Cinema. Daniele has extensive experience in teaching Italian to North American students since his university years in Rome, when he was an Italian language intern and tutor for the University of California Education Abroad Program and the University of Southern California. He has also taught for the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Toronto. Daniele believes in the cultural exchange enabled by language learning and teaching. Since learning a new language opens windows onto new ways to imagine the world, studying Italian in multicultural, global Toronto offers countless possibilities for mutual cultural enrichment. Daniele is thrilled to be part of ScuolaScuola. 

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