Learning Italian: 4 reasons Winter is the perfect season to do it

Why Winter is the perfect season to learn Italian

Any season is the best time to start learning Italian, as long as you are motivated, driven and focused. Nevertheless, there’s something special about winter. Long hours sitting by the fire, hot drinks and warm blankets to wrap yourself in while reading and studying. Here are four reasons winter is the best time to learn Italian. What are you waiting for? Grab your laptop or iPad, get cozy and start learning!

  1. You can travel to Italy without leaving Toronto

Learning Italian is not only about the language, it is also (and foremost) about the culture that has given shape to the Italian language. Studying Italian is the perfect way to escape a snow-clad city, exploring cities, food and wine traditions and so much more.

Planning a trip to Italy? Come and create your phrasebook
Planning a trip to Italy? Come and create your phrasebook


  1. Cold weather stimulates your brain

Baby, it’s cold outside! And that’s the best moment to learn. Recent researches suggest that human bodies use less energy in colder weather, leaving more energy (in the form of glucose) for brain function. Studies have actually shown that we are able to make complex decisions better in the cold than in warmer temperatures. So it is the perfect time to start learning Italian too!

Italian vocabulary for winter
Italian vocabulary for winter


  1. Hot drinks and a slice of panettone make a great study aid

Whether you’re a tea drinker, a coffee addict or hot chocolate is actually your cup of winter tea, hot drinks warm your body and mind. And we all know that there’s nothing better than sipping a steaming beverage while diving into a book or learning with some online learning materials. Italy offers you a large selection of hot beverages (alcoholic too, like grappa) to warm you up and to sip as you learn.

Hot beverage to warm you up as you learn
A hot beverage to warm you up as you learn
  1. You’ll know Italian before your trip to Italy

Under the Tuscan sun is not a miracle that happens every day, but you can make the dream come true planning in advance. And the best way to make it happen is to learn the idiom you’ll use to mingle with locals. One of the most common reasons for learning Italian is to make your journey to the Italian peninsula more meaningful and enriching. Start studying in the winter and then you’ll have a better sense of the language by the time the spring and summer travel seasons comes up. You can learn tips, expressions, ways of saying, little tricks, how to read properly, how to order at a restaurant, to book a table or a hotel room in just a few classes.

Speak Italian by Spring time
Speak Italian by springtime

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