A few secret spots to explore during your Italian Christmas days!

The Christmas Holidays in Italy are a great opportunity to explore lesser-known spots in the Peninsula. Here are our secret spots for a truly Italian Christmas of discovery!

Admire Trento 

It is a dreamy city where you’ll find a charming Christmas market in Piazza Fiera and Piazza Cesare Battisti. With more than 90 wooden huts, you can enjoy culinary specialties such as tortelli, speck, mulled wine, strudel, polenta and much more. The family home of Santa Claus is dedicated to families and children, in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, with recreational workshops and the train that takes adults and children to explore the suggestive historic center.


Trento at Christmas time

Learn to ski in Cervinia

It is a stunning alpine resort in the Valle d’Aosta region in Northwest Italy: a paradise for skiers, at an altitude of 2000 meters, on the slopes of Monte Cervino. A large ski area connects the resort to the Plateau Rosa, a breathtaking glacier.

Cervinia ski resort

Cervinia ski resort

Relax in Bormio 

In the Valtellina area, this beautiful location is perfect for lovers of spas. Relax after a long day on the slopes, enjoy sulphate-alkaline thermal waters known since Roman times.

Snow-clad Bormio

Snow-clad Bormio

Discover the magic of Naples

In Naples Christmas is unique, to say the least. With its artisan shops, the historic centre becomes the place to go if you want to buy new  figurines for your presepe: Neapolitan craftsmen are known for creating new figurines even year inspired by famous contemporary or timeless characters.

Presepi shopping in Naples

Presepi shopping in Naples

Soak in Gubbio’s Christmas atmosphere

Here you can find one of the largest tallest Christmas tree in the world on the slopes of Mount Ingino, in addition to a wonderful Christmas Land, a space where families and children can have fun with wintery innovative games in a traditional atmosphere.

Gubbio's Christmas tree

Gubbio’s Christmas tree

Enjoy Winter seaside in Puglia

Who said that you can enjoy the seaside only during the summer? Salento is a favorite destination for many Italians and foreigners and it does not lose its charm even in the winter. Explore the many presepi in beautiful locations, such as the courtyards of ancient buildings. One of the most famous is the presepio in the Roman Amphitheater in Lecce.

Lecce's presepio in the Roman theatre

Lecce’s presepio in the Roman theatre

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