A few smart ideas to improve your Italian during the Christmas holidays

1 # Recipes: research, cook and eat

Whether you are hosting or you’ll be the guest, you can always come up with a new dish from the Italian cooking tradition.

Italian recipes

Italian recipes

You should take advantage of the many Christmas dinner parties to discover the Italian diverse cuisine and put yourself to the test.
Do not repeat the same cappelletti, lasagna or panettone, try out something else. How? Find out more in our yummy blog post!

2 # Write your Christmas cards in Italian

A postcard is better than nothing, but a real letter is better than a postcard.
By writing a Christmas card or even letter, you can kill three birds with one stone: you’ll work on your vocabulary and verbs; you’ll keep in touch with your Italian friends around the world; you practice the writing of letters in Italian (letterhead, paragraphs, wording, phrasing and so forth.)

3 # Listen to Italian Christmas songs

Music is a vital part of Christmas festivities and in Italy there are so many beautiful, heartwarming songs like “Tu scendi dalle stelle” or “Bianco Natal”. Look for the lyrics, learn the vocabulary that you don’t know, play the songs on youtube and sing along!

4 # Write Santa… or Babbo Natale

Writing is an important skill to develop when learning a foreign language. No one exceeds the puffy charm of Babbo Natale (literally, Father Christmas) and so writing a letter to him can be lots of fun. Ask for what you want the most for the new year (use “Vorrei…”) and perhaps your wishes will come true!

5 # Gift yourself an Italian language course 

Last but not least, find the best fit for your learning needs, choose and enrol in one of the many courses that we offer at ScuolaScuola!

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