Learn Italian while watching TV

Some tips to improve your Italian by watching The Trial and other TV series Have you always dreamt of learning Italian by watching TV? Do you remember what we told you about immersion? Watching a TV show in Italian will help you boost your linguistic skills if you know how to do it. How to learn Italian with … Continued

6 fun ways to learn Italian (plus some bonus tips)

Carnival may be over, but you can still have fun learning Italian!  Carnival is the merriest period of the year. You can wear a costume, do pranks, eat delicious fried treats. And the good news is that we can tap into this joyful mood to improve our language skills. Scientific studies show that being in … Continued

Dolce Veneto…il tiramisù

di Sebastiano Bazzichetto Per concludere in dolcezza la settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo – dulcis in fundo si direbbe con espressione latina – vi proponiamo uno dei più famosi e dei più mangiati dolci italiani: il tiramisù, un dolce dalle origini decisamente piccanti che fu inventato in Veneto ma che è famoso in tutto il mondo. … Continued

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