Italy Reopens Spas and Wellness Centres

Now that Italian wellness facilities, from spas to fitness centres, have opened their doors again, we will tell you some secrets to make the most of your stay.

Italy is Reopening to Tourists

Now that Italy is reopening to leisure travelers, let’s see what you need to know to plan your holidays.

A Summer on the Italian Riviera with Luca

Let’s dive into the underwater world of Luca, the Disney Pixar feature-length movie that next summer will bring you to the Italian Riviera

Dantedì 2021 – La Divina Commedia – The New Manuscript

The first fully hand-written, hand-illustrated version of the Divine Comedy since the 15th century Seven hundred years after the death of Dante, we celebrate Dantedì with an interview to artist, illustrator and university professor George Cochrane, to learn more about his highly anticipated graphic novel version of the Divine Comedy, his passion for ‘all things … Continued

5 quick Italian recipes to try this winter

3 seasonal ingredients for 5 everyday recipes from Italy Holidays are over, Christmas decorations are back in their boxes and we have come back to work. If you’re feeling exhausted from juggling work with private life, have less time for yourself and to cook a proper meal, or you’re simply looking for recipes to make … Continued

Le icone del design italiano #2

Continua il viaggio alla scoperta degli oggetti che hanno segnato il design in Italia e nel mondo. Con l’espressione design italiano si fa riferimento a tutte le forme di disegno industriale inventate e realizzate in Italia, compresa la progettazione di interni, la progettazione urbana, il design della moda e la progettazione architettonica. Radio Cubo TS502 … Continued

Il glossario della rete

[tratto e adattato da www.nuovoeutile.it] Succede da qualche anno ormai: spesso diciamo in inglese cose che si possono dire tranquillamente in italiano. Non si tratta di una battaglia contro le lingue straniere né contro l’impiego dei molti termini inglesi che, da mouse a discount, da toast a software, non hanno corrispondenti italiani efficaci e accettati. Esistono … Continued

The human language: Dante and the Italian language

by Sebastiano Bazzichetto The 18th Week of the Italian language in the world is titled “ITALIAN AND THE NETWORK, THE NETWORKS FOR ITALIAN.” Every culture, society and country creates its own network through art, literature, the symbols of the national identity and, of course, the language. In the case of Italian, a tribute to Dante … Continued

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