Sebastiano Bazzichetto, BA (Hon), MA, PHD


Born in spellbinding Venezia, raised in medieval enchanting Treviso, Sebastiano Bazzichetto is an Italian language instructor from Italy who has recently completed his PhD in Italian studies, with a focus on Italian Baroque poetry.  Besides literature, being also a former violin student, he is passionate about Italian art history, music and theatre, elements that he always merges into his language classes. Arrived in Toronto in 2012, feeling more a cultural promoter rather than a teacher, he fast understood that a language is the key to unlock the secrets of a society and its culture, and of Italian culture specifically. Sebastiano has taught extensively at the University of Toronto, and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, where he also held several lectures about Italian opera, and art and architecture of Italian cities. Seeking a stimulating environment where to teach his mother tongue and to meaningfully interact with students, Sebastiano enthusiastically joined the team at ScuolaScuola in January 2017.

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