Sara Savina, BA (Hon)


Born and raised in a small town amidst a beautiful national park in Abruzzo, central Italy, Sara fell in love with English and Spanish literature from the moment she fell in love with reading. This passion for different cultures developed over the years, and culminated with Sara pursuing a foreign languages and literatures program in both high school and university. It was during these years that she developed an interest in how the Italian language evolved through the help of thousands of immigrants in different countries. She graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza, then started an internship with the University of California in Rome, developing conversation classes for American students. Landing in Canada in 2014, Sara pursued teaching in order to explore with students the cultural and social nuances she thinks make her language so unique and interesting, but also to foster her deep connection with the Italian language. During her classes she practices a communicative approach, with an emphasis on interaction as a goal of language learning at all levels – this not only creates a more nuanced understanding of the language, but creates broader opportunities for beginners to express themselves at the onset of their journey. Sara is as happy to be at ScuolaScuola as we are to have her, and she looks forward to infecting all of her students with her love of language learning in general, and la bella lingua in particolare.

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