Laura Gornati, BA (Hon)


Born in the province of Milan to an Italian father and a Polish mother, Laura Gornati grew up in an undeniably multicultural environment. It was this foundation that fostered her passion for traveling and for exploring new cultures, so once she had to choose a university path, the way was clear. She did her undergraduate studies in Foreign Languages and Literature in Milan, then earned her Masters in Legal Translation in Turin before heading to Warsaw to work as a translator in a law office there.
After this Laura started working at a travel agency in Switzerland, but soon discovered that her real dream was teaching. So back to university she went, where she earned a Master of Arts in Linguistics and Communication Science and started teaching English in private and public school. Yearning to improve her linguistic and teaching skills, she flew to Dublin to earn her CELTA certificate, as well as the opportunity to teach English at a true multicultural school. Enriched and inspired by this experience, she decided to up her game and obtained a certificate to teach Italian to foreigners, and with all this cultural baggage she moved to Toronto where she continues to develop her teaching career through working and studying, constantly adding to her CV through workshops and online courses.  A new teacher here at ScuolaScuola , Laura looks forward to spreading her passion for both the Italian language as well as for Italy’s unique and enchanting culture.

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