Bilingual Meditation

Take a deep breath, put on your headphones, and let Silvia Pocai guide you as you push your stress, worry, and anxiety away. Meditation has been recognized by leading studies to play a role in relieving stress, elevating mood and increasing learning speed.

By entering deep meditation our brain waves slow down, and mnemonic abilities naturally increase.

Combine all the benefits that meditation provides with bilingual instructions and you’ll be on the fast-track to learning Italian.

Once you learn the technique, adding just five minutes of Bilingual Guided Meditation before studying Italian will make you more serene and inclined to focus attention, and you will learn Italian faster and easier.

Become more familiar with Italian while relaxing in meditation. Silvia Pocai will be streaming exclusive classes for ScuolaScuola students directly from her studio in Lucca to the comfort of your own home!

Thursday at 12:00 pm ET 

Initial 1:1 Session

45-min for CAD$45 + HST (USD$40)

The technique that Silvia offers is Targeted Relaxation, a problem-solving strategy with objectives, which combines therapeutic listening, a little gentle movement to unlock the energy channels and Bilingual Guided Meditation in the ‘theta state’, to make the internal transformation concrete.

The process begins with a short interview, in which you can share the issues on which you would like to work (they can be physical, mental, emotional…) and the practice will then focus on solving these main issues.

You will start with some yoga and stretching movements (chosen according to your needs) to relax the body and thus achieve deeper relaxation. Silvia will guide a personalized meditation based on you, carefully choosing each word.

Private 1:1 sessions

Take five 45-min sessions for CAD$225 + HST (USD$200)

The structure of the treatment is identical as the Initial Session. This is a chance to go deeper into yourself, taking care of your needs. A chance to enjoy a fully personalized experience, while facing challenges together (physical, mental, emotional) that you wish to shine light upon. 

Chakra Journey 

Take 8 group sessions, 45-min each for CAD$280 + HST (USD$245)

During this journey we will learn about the 7 Chakras, our energy centers. Each lesson will begin with an explanation of the chakra we will discover that day. We will do some gentle movements, in order to feel more relaxed and at ease, and then we will meditate.

Modules of the course:

  • Introduction to the 7 Chakras
  • I Root Chakra
  • II Sacral Chakra
  • III Solar Plexus Chakra
  • IV Heart Chakra
  • V Throat Chakra
  • VI Third Eye Chakra
  • VII Crown Chakra

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