La vita bugiarda degli adulti

Expand your vocabulary, review grammar and learn new narrative tenses and colloquial expressions while reading selected passages from the latest Ferrante book with one of our talented ScuolaScuola instructors! Our classes are delivered via Zoom.

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Ferrante’s setting in La vita bugiarda degli adulti (The Lying Life of Adults) is once again Naples, the city from which she herself fled as a young woman and to which she returns again and again. “With Naples”, she once wrote, “accounts are never closed, even at a distance … that city is not an ordinary place, it’s an extension of the body, a matrix of perception … Everything that has been permanently meaningful for me has Naples as its backdrop.” 

Fans of the Neapolitan quartet will recognize the themes to which she repeatedly returns: class, the juxtaposition of beauty and vulgarity, status, money, expectations, female friendships, mothers and daughters. And also the perilousness of young men exemplified by several raw and hungry young Neapolitans. 

The course will enhance the students’ vocabulary and familiarity with idiomatic expressions, and will emphasize reading comprehension, translation skills, recognition and collaborative learning while exploring modern Italian literature. Expand your vocabulary, review grammar and learn new narrative tenses while reading selected readings from Elena Ferrante’s latest novel. Your learning experience will be customized based on your personal skills level and previous exposure to Italian language and narrative texts. We recommend this program to students who have completed Corso Mazzini or equivalent level (B1).

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