I Leoni di Sicilia

Expand your vocabulary, review grammar and learn new narrative tenses while reading Stefania Auci’s I Leoni di Sicilia.The course will enhance the students’ familiarity with idiomatic expressions, and will emphasize reading comprehension, translation skills, recognition and collaborative learning while exploring contemporary Italian literature. Your learning experience will be customized based on your personal skills level and previous exposure to Italian language and narrative texts. We recommend this program to students who have completed Corso Garibaldi or equivalent level (B1-B2).

Private or semi-private sessions

Day of the week number of sessions Time Location Price
Thursdays 5 sessions 12:00pm to 13:00pm ET ONLINE CAD$255 + HST (USD$200)

Register during The Week of the Italian Language in the World (Oct 18-23) to get 15% off!

With her book Stefania Auci shows the world that Sicily is not only mafia and criminality, but also history, architecture and ancient traditions.

This historical fiction work is a portrayal of the Florios, historic family from Palermo who went from having nothing to becoming rich and influential, reflecting a piece of Sicily’s history and spanning decades from 1799 – 1868. Leaving a small village in Calabria to the city life in Palermo, Sicily, Paolo, his wife Giuseppina, and his brother Ignazio begin their family’s legacy. This is a true rags to riches story as they move over the years from poverty to riches to power. From selling spices to apothecary to shipping wine and more, this family firmly forges their place in Sicilian history. We see Palermo change hands of various powers, including Napoleon’s France, the Bourbons and the Kingdom of Naples and the two Sicilies, and finally, Garibaldi’s Red shirts. But the novel does more than reflect the history, it has complex characters and relationships – between husbands and wives, fathers and their children, mothers and their sons, between brothers.



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