Italian for teens and pre-teens

ScuolaScuola would like to offer an opportunity for young people to get more creative while living life under lockdown, in pursuit of a new goal or project they wouldn’t otherwise have time to pursue. 

We created a focus group made of Italian and Italian American teenagers that informed our instructors on their experience being teenagers in Italy or learning Italian successfully through years of back and forth with Italian cousins: the shared interests and cultural trends that made their journey such an interesting experience. Our valuable teenage assistants, will be participating in selected parts of our courses offering a unique opportunity of peer learning activities. 

Especially now, when ‘Gen Z’ is using technology to creatively stay connected with one another and to keep their spirits up, this is a course to channel that creativity, to be more in control of their own life, and to feel positive about the future.

For most young teenagers, the future is a distant place. The world of work is a lifetime away; schooling and education is a mere necessity; and communication is the key to ensuring the only success relevant at that age: social success. What skills are needed to ensure this success? Strong communication skills, ambition, confidence, an open mind, an awareness and understanding of other languages and cultures, tolerance and compassion – to name but a few.

But how does one gain these skills? As a rule, foreign languages are generally taught and promoted as a subject. Learning a new language is commonly seen as a daunting prospect, and to most young learners it appears to have no real-life context or relevance. With this course, we challenge that belief! Here, language is not a subject, it’s a life skill – the means by which we communicate each and every day, how we express ourselves, how we voice an opinion, how we build relationships. All of these skills, required to become ‘socially successful’, can be acquired by learning a new language!

So…what are you waiting for? Join one of our online classes! We’ll use our collaborative learning software to communicate with each other, record videos and audio files while learning Italian. Musica, cinema e spettacolo will inform you about what it’s like to be a teenager in Italy!

Classes are offered in 90 minute sessions, once a week for 5 weeks.

Beginner level:

Start Date End Date Time Location Price
Saturday Oct 3rd 2020 Saturday Oct 31st 2020 11:00am  to 12:30pm ET ONLINE CAD $250 + HST (USD$220)

Intermediate level:

Start Date End Date Time Location Price
Saturday Nov 7th 2020 Saturday Dec 5th 2020 11:00am  to 12:30pm ET ONLINE CAD $250 + HST (USD$220)

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