Onda su onda

Date: April 21st
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Location: Tiff
Cost: $40.00 + HST

Onda su onda                                                              Genre: Comedy

Gegè, a fading pop singer, is invited to a tour in Uruguay, where thirty years before he had performed obtaining an astounding success.

onda-su-onda-675x675Not having enough money for the flight, he boards a ship and meets Ruggero, a loner cook who hasn’t touched ground for the last four years. The two feel an immediate dislike for each other and, as an act of spite, Ruggero locks Gegè in the refrigerator. Due to this occurrence, Gegè’s voice suddenly fades and he is diagnosed with a block of his vocal chords. Feeling responsible, Ruggero pretends to be the singer himself. From then on, the destinies and the lives of these strangers, united by the same desire for redemption, will intertwine in surprising ways.


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