Cristina Tommasi, BA (Hon), MA

cristina-tommasiBorn and raised in the small town of Pero in Lombardy, Cristina Tommasi is an
Italian language instructor from Italy. Cristina graduated with honors from the
University of Milan with a degree in Philosophical Sciences, with a focus on North
American culture. She’s been working in the field of education since 2013 and her
passion for teaching has never stopped since. In the past three years, she has
worked for private schools and taught Italian to immigrants for charity associations
in Italy developing an interest in social and immigration movements. In parallel to
her professional interests, she’s an active member of a non-profit organization
supporting projects with social purposes and promoting Italian culture throughout
the world. Her love for Canada started in 2016, when she moved to Calgary to
attend an Esl course at the University of Calgary. Cristina firmly believes in the
importance of promoting Italian heritage all over the world and loves to share her
language and upbringing with new students.

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