Christmas Dinner at Cucinato Italian Culinary Studio

When: December 7, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Where: Cucinato Italian Culinary studio 1338 Landsdowne Avenue

Cost: $85+HST

Chef Stefano Agostini, with a little help from baker Caterina Vitale, has put together a very special menu of seasonal favorites enjoyed during the Christmas season all over Italy!

In true Italian fashion, the tradition of abstaining meat on Christmas Eve has evolved over the years into a multi-course feast of elaborate fish and seafood dishes. This tradition can be seen in Stefano’s first two courses, with dishes like scallops gratin, stuffed calamari and risotto with prosecco and prawns.

On Christmas Day you won’t find turkey on the Italian dinner table – the most common secondo piatto di natale is lamb. Tonight we will enjoy a slow-roasted lamb stuffed with sausage and herbs, marinated in white wine, and served with potatoes and mushrooms.

And to finish off, Cucinato baking instructor Caterina Vitale will prepare homemade struffoli and panforte, to be served with espresso and – of course – panettone!

Antipasto misto di mare
Frittelle al baccalà in salsa verde – Cod fritters with green salsa
Canestrelli gratinati – Scallops gratin
Calamaro ripieno su polenta morbida – Polenta-stuffed squid

Risotto ai gamberoni e prosecco – Risotto with prawns and prosecco
Ravioli di zucca al burro e salvia – Homemade squash ravioli with butter and sage

Secondo & contorni
Coscia di agnello ripiena arrosto – Slow-cooked stuffed lamb
Patate al sugo d’agnello – potatoes roasted in lamb sauce
Funghi trifolati – Mixed mushrooms cooked in garlic and parsley

Dolci (by Caterina Vitale)
Housemade Struffoli – Southern Italian orange-tinged confections glared in honey and sprinkles.
Housemade panforte di Siena – Aromatic Tuscan dessert made with cocoa, almonds, candied fruit and spices

A selection of Italian wine will be available for purchase during the class. If you would like to bring your own wine there is a $15 corkage fee.

Please note that seats are very limited! This event has already sold out once and a second date has been added for ScuolaScuola students. RSVP with payment by December 1st to secure your place.



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