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Our tips to turn your home into a perfect learning environment

How many times have you heard that, if you really want to become proficient in a language, all you need is immersion? You will be happy to hear that immersion doesn’t mean living in another country, but living in another language. I know what you’re thinking. The answer is “no, it isn’t the same.” You can live in a foreign country and never learn the language; on the contrary, you can stay home (even literally) and learn a new language. It depends on you. It is a matter of attitude, motivation, consistency. Being passively surrounded by Italian sounds, people, landscapes, food, won’t turn you into a native speaker. Living in another language means doing the same things you normally do in your language by using another language. Of course, a trip to Italy would be a good opportunity to practice – as long as you really practice. When it comes to acquiring or honing a skill, practice is key, and interaction is the basis of language learning. However, now that, due to travel bans and the global health crisis, we have little or no choice, we’re going to interact and keep practicing Italian from home.

Distance learning

ScuolaScuola virtual classroom
Join ScuolaScuola virtual classrooms!

ScuolaScuola knows how difficult it can be to learn a language completely on your own. But don’t worry:  we will be right there beside you – virtually! We’re happy to announce that now you can attend our Italian courses online from home. Whether you prefer group or private lessons, our passionate instructors are ready to share their knowledge with you, interacting live with the same enthusiasm as ever. Don’t miss this opportunity: being able to see your teacher instead of listening to an audio course will allow you to understand how sounds are produced and improve pronunciation, and get invaluable live feedback. Find out the technical requirements to take part in our virtual classes, contact us to enroll, and choose your learning spot. What are you waiting for? If you register by April 15th, you’ll get a special discount!

Enjoy your hobby in Italian

Enjoy your hobby in Italian
Completing a knitting project by watching an Italian tutorial will be challenging and motivating

We have already talked about the importance of having fun learning experiences and what we mean by immersion. Do what you like doing, but do it in Italian. Are you a knitter? I’m sure you’ll find an Italian tutorial for a lovely sweater and completing your work will make you twice as happy. The same applies to cooking, working out, DIY, playing an instrument and anything you love doing. Just pick out a hobby and make the learning experience relevant to you.

Relax in Italian

Relax in Italian
A good book, a film classic, a cup of tea… What do you need to relax?

After working out and preparing your meal in Italian, you may want to relax. In Italian, of course! Depending on your level and your mood, you may prefer children books, comics, graded readers, unabridged versions of Italian classics. You can also watch a film, an episode of a new series, a TV or web show; and remember that subtitles in your native or target language aren’t forbidden – especially if you are a beginner. Again, think about what you usually do to relax and do it in Italian. And, if you have an authentic passion for Italian art, you should definitely take a virtual tour of an Italian museum.

Find your balance

Find your balance
Don’t forget to listen to yourself and to enjoy the journey

We don’t recommend “binge learning.” Immersion is important but, particularly in a stressful period like this, you should listen to your inner self. If reading a novel or watching a film in Italian really helps you ease your mind, then go for it. Learning a language requires effort and consistency, but, please, don’t turn it into a job; it should be an enjoyable experience.

Stay safe and improve your Italian with ScuolaScuola.

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